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What are the inspiring lessons we can learn from the journey of Vivek Raman, co-founder of Regrob Group, who has built the leading franchiser in India and transformed the lives of people?

For five years, I have worked alongside this amazing entrepreneur, whose success stories have been published in various universities and printed in leading media houses. His biography has been released. I have hosted many seminars for him and attended his interviews with leading media houses. I can tell you about Vivek raman

From childhood, he had harbored a dream of starting a real estate business. The idea of delving into the world of real estate has always filled him with excitement and anticipation. The thought of navigating through properties, Million dollar deals, negotiating deals, and ultimately creating spaces where people can build their dreams has been a driving force for him. The lifestyle of the real estate business, with its lavishness, Freedom, travel around the world, High-end cars, and style, excites him in every aspect.

During his college days, His passion for real estate was so intense that he often skipped classes to explore properties in different cities. H was so passionate that he used to spend long hours immersed in the world of real estate, often sitting for hours on end at various properties, absorbing every detail and learning as much as I could. Even his family members and teachers caught him indulging in my passion for real estate, and he faced punishment as a result. In his times, the idea of pursuing a business, especially in real estate, was quite unconventional. When his father discovered that he had ventured into the real estate industry, he didn't speak to him for a few years.

Even in his first job, he made it a priority to visit various real estate sites and meet with all stakeholders. However, breaking into the real estate business wasn't an easy feat. Despite harboring dreams of starting my entrepreneurial venture in real estate, He faced numerous barriers and challenges. Whether due to high barriers to entry or other factors, he ultimately decided to pursue other business opportunities instead.

One of his Gujarati friends convinced him to enter the travel business, and for a while, he was earning decently. However, he couldn't scale that business as he had hoped. He considered it a failure for various reasons, including the absence of necessary technology, his enduring passion for real estate, and other factors that hindered its growth. He was dabbling in real estate alongside my travel business, albeit on a very small scale.

During those times, starting a business was especially challenging due to various factors such as the need for technology, digitalization, and the dominance of a few key players in the market. It wasn't an easy game to enter the business arena under those circumstances. That's when someone suggested the idea of taking on a real estate franchise. It seemed like a more accessible way to enter the industry since it offered a plug-and-play solution to start.

He began exploring the option of acquiring a real estate franchise, and during his search, he came across a US-based real estate company that was offering franchises in India. Excited about the opportunity, He reached out to their local partner in India to inquire about the franchise process.

He applied for a real estate franchise with this foreign brand and went through several meetings. Eventually, he was shortlisted for the franchise, and he was ready to pay the franchise fees. He managed to gather the required funds by taking multiple loans and dipping into his savings. He always believed in taking risks to pursue opportunities like this.

Later, he was rejected by them, citing that he lacked a background in real estate. It was only afterward, through friends working there, that he learned they were unwilling to accept applicants without real estate experience. Additionally, they had received double the offer for franchise fees, second, he didn't have and not his family have a business background which led to my rejection. His dreams were shattered once again, leaving him feeling lost and unsure of what to do next. He sank into a deep depression, grappling with the overwhelming sense of defeat. That's when He decided to build his brand in the real estate franchise business, not just in India, but worldwide. He also decided to build not only the top real estate franchisor in India but also to provide opportunities to aspiring real estate entrepreneurs, regardless of their background. His doors are open to everyone, whether they're coming from a job background or any other path.

Building a business from scratch is no easy feat. After facing multiple failures and heavy losses, He began reaching out to friends from his college, IIM, to venture into this business. After a year of rigorous effort, a few friends collaborated, and together, built this business. Despite encountering multiple failures along the way, they persevered.

His story isn't one of a mere 1 or 100 days; it spans over 12 years of relentless dedication, with 18-hour rigorous work days each day. Yet, He hesitate to label his journey as "successful" because the moment you perceive success, your growth stagnates, he said. However, They have achieved profitability, and sustainability, and emerged as the leading real estate franchisor in India. It's an indescribable feeling when the same company that once rejected him attempted to acquire us a few years back. They turned down that deal with a vision to become the world's biggest real estate franchisor company from India and make his franchise partner highly profitable.

Vivek Raman and his dedicated team have masterfully crafted a robust real estate franchise model, establishing an empire that stands as a beacon of innovation and success in India's real estate sector. With meticulous planning and a deep understanding of the market, they've created a framework that empowers aspiring entrepreneurs to thrive in the dynamic world of property transactions.

Vivek Raman and his team's remarkable achievements in establishing their real estate franchise empire in India have not gone unnoticed. Their innovative approach and unparalleled success have caught the attention of leading media houses, which have covered their journey extensively.

Their story has become a captivating case study, serving as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and industry professionals alike. Through in-depth analysis and interviews, these media houses have highlighted the unique strategies, challenges overcome, and the transformative impact of Vivek Raman and his team's vision on the real estate franchise industry in India.

Vivek Raman's introduction of the high-value, high-powered franchise concept, akin to the master franchise model popular in Western countries, marks a significant paradigm shift in India's franchise landscape. This innovative approach empowers franchisees with greater autonomy and responsibility, allowing them to operate as regional leaders within the larger franchise network.

The master franchise model has emerged as a powerhouse in the world of franchising, gaining immense popularity and attracting top giants in various industries. This approach offers a unique opportunity for expansion and revenue generation, both for the master franchise holder and the companies involved in sub-franchising and other transactional models.

Furthermore, the master franchise model is a proven wealth creator. By leveraging the brand recognition and business systems of the master franchise, along with the resources and expertise of top giants in the industry, both the master franchise holder and the companies operating under its umbrella can achieve significant financial gains.

Companies like

Certainly! Let's delve into the stories behind the master franchise model development for each of these companies:

McDonald's Corporation:

The master franchise model for McDonald's was pioneered by Ray Kroc. After joining McDonald's in 1954, Kroc recognized the potential for rapid expansion through franchising. He developed a master franchise model where he granted exclusive rights to franchisees to operate and sub-franchise McDonald's restaurants within a specific geographic area. This model allowed for controlled growth and consistency in operations, leading to McDonald's becoming a global phenomenon.


Subway's master franchise model evolved as the company expanded globally. Initially, Fred DeLuca and Dr. Peter Buck operated all Subway locations directly. However, as the brand grew, they began granting master franchise rights to regional partners. These master franchisees were responsible for overseeing development, operations, and sub-franchising within their designated territories. This approach facilitated rapid expansion while maintaining brand standards and consistency.

Indeed, the master franchise model has gained popularity not only among international brands but also among Indian companies seeking to expand their presence and leverage established brands. Companies like Jubilant FoodWorks, which operates Domino's Pizza and Dunkin' Donuts in India, have adopted the master franchise model to facilitate rapid growth and market penetration.

Jubilant FoodWorks, for example, acquired the master franchise rights for Domino's Pizza in India in 1995. Under this agreement, Jubilant FoodWorks has exclusive rights to develop, operate, and franchise Domino's Pizza outlets across the country. This master franchise arrangement has enabled Jubilant to expand Domino's presence extensively, making it one of the leading quick-service restaurant chains in India.

Regrob's master franchise presents a compelling case study for the Indian market, offering a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to replicate its success. Founded with a vision to revolutionize the real estate industry

After conducting an in-depth study of successful Western business models, the team embarked on a journey to revolutionize the franchise landscape in India. Drawing inspiration from renowned master franchise models and consulting with top industry experts, we developed a pioneering approach that combines the power of master franchises with sub-franchise opportunities.

Our research involved meticulous analysis of leading master franchise companies worldwide, examining their strategies, operational frameworks, and market dynamics. They sought guidance from seasoned professionals and learned scholars in the field of franchising, leveraging their insights to refine the model and ensure its viability in the Indian context.

With a clear vision and a solid foundation of knowledge, they launched a master franchise program, offering ambitious entrepreneurs the opportunity to become regional leaders within our network. Master franchise partners are entrusted with exclusive rights to develop and operate within their designated territories, empowering them to drive growth and expansion while upholding our brand standards and values.

In addition to the master franchise opportunity, we introduced sub-franchise options, providing further scalability and flexibility for aspiring business owners. Sub-franchisees benefit from the support and guidance of our master franchise partners, accessing a proven business model and a network of resources to thrive in their local markets.

By combining the strengths of master franchises with sub-franchise opportunities, They have created a dynamic and inclusive ecosystem that fosters entrepreneurship and fosters economic growth.

Moreover, Regrob's plug-and-play model streamlines the process of launching and operating a franchise, minimizing the time and resources required to get started. This approach allows master franchisees to hit the ground running and start earning high returns from the outset, much like the founders did when they first established the business.

Overall, Regrob's master franchise represents an attractive opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs in the Indian market. With its proven success, freedom, flexibility, plug-and-play model, and high earning potential, it offers a pathway to financial independence and success for those willing to seize it.

Regrob is a pioneering force in the real estate industry, proudly backed by the expertise of IIT and IIM alumni. This esteemed pedigree sets Regrob apart as a tech-enabled real estate brokerage firm, leveraging cutting-edge technology and strategic insights to redefine the real estate landscape in India.

As the fastest-growing real estate franchisor in the country, Regrob has carved a niche for itself by seamlessly blending innovation with tradition. Their commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of their operations, from providing unparalleled customer service to offering comprehensive solutions for buyers and sellers alike.

With a focus on transparency, efficiency, and professionalism, Regrob is setting new benchmarks for the industry. Their network of franchises spans across the nation, empowering individuals and businesses to thrive in the dynamic world of real estate.

Backed by the brilliance of IIT and IIM alumni, Regrob continues to lead the way, shaping the future of real estate in India with vision, integrity, and unwavering dedication.

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