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How is it to live in Russia under the Putin's administration?

Nekrasovka (from Russian, Not Beautiful) is perhaps the best postal divisions in Russia basically on the grounds that it's nearby enough to drive day by day to Moscow. 

A significant number of you, simple foreignsky, ask me: Why a country with the biggest land-mass and quickly declining populace where men's resides are more limited than their partners' in war-torn Syria continues to assemble 22-story condo obstructs stacked so near one another that no daylight can enter its patios? 


At the point when the Chinese move their assembling to Russia to exploit absolute bottom wages, low expenses of transportation frameworks, correspondence organizations, sewage, water, and electric frameworks, and topographical nearness to their key market, the EU, they will likewise profit significantly that all their sweatshop and assembly line laborers live so thickly. 

The Regime in its generosity will sell its 110 million serfs, to be specific us, to the most noteworthy (and just) bidder: China. 

In Nekrasovka, 83,000 inhabitants live stacked together inside under 5 square miles. Chinese can undoubtedly move their Huawei and FAW production lines here to give work to teetotallers (the greater part of the men need to pay every one of their pay rates for the home loan and there's no cash left to purchase liquor) for 33% of what they take care of home. 

In 1910 the regional administration of Moscow made a commission of experienced specialists for the recovery and directing of the space. The consequence of the commission's work was the acquisition of 1786.85 hectares of land by the shipper Nekrasov (who might give his name to the common town who settled there) to fabricate a huge domain of recovered and flooded land, the Ljubereckij." 

So much for "Not Beautiful" (it ought to have been "Nekrasìva" or "Nekrasìvka", assuming any). 

Before long the home was additionally extended and on 20 June 1915 the city duma distributed assets for the development of a rural specialized and business district[3]. 

The locale turned out to be important for Moscow in 1965. The grounds of the bequest were authoritatively amassed to the neighborhood on 28 September 2011[4]. In 2010, the region saw its populace triple from 19,000 out of 2010 to more than 63,000 out of 2018." 

You're ignoring one vital snippet of data; Belarus, Romania and whoever else doesn't have the methods by which to get Chinese products across the Asian mainland. The Chinese are pursuing the biggest market on the planet, the EU; and to do that they frantically need Russian support. Just Russia has the methods by which to achieve that imposing errand. The Russians and Chinese have been cooperating on that for a long while, even to the purpose of building up the biggest cargo conveying airplane for that reason. 

The essential explanation the Chinese are going that course is basically a result of the issue the US Navy could cause them should things go to poo among them and the 'west'. Cruising the Indian Ocean and the Suez could be cut off, be that as it may, the West is unequipped for halting anything through Russia traveling west into Europe. These realities raise another possible issue; NATO in Eastern Europe, which is one explanation the Kaliningrad Oblast will be watched by Russia with outrageous bias. Most importantly if China needs to abuse the EU markets, China urgently needs Russian help. It can't be dependably refined without it. Period, there is no vote! 

The Chinese will expand rail route line for two miles from Orekhovka, load up stock on the cargo train and under two days after the fact the cargo train will show up in Hamburg or Rotterdam. 

Naïve foreignsky, you may shout distrustfully: yet Russians are a pleased country and, moreover, they don't speak Chinese. 

Occam's Razor, fine people: Russian kids are learning Mandarin at schools in Moscow. Russian ladies are taking Mandarin courses in language schools to track down a Chinese spouse and improve their odds at improving paid work. 

They will be bosses and heads at the Chinese plants and will be in-betweens monolingual muzhiks and Chinese top chiefs. 

With respect to the Russian elites, they are totally undermined and will offer Russia to the most noteworthy (and just) bidder in return for hard money after the West cut them off through and through. 

Foreingsky wouldn't surrender: But what might be said about the military and insight administrations? 

They'll be completely utilized doing what they love the best. The military and naval force will battle their #1 adversary: NATO. The objective of their lifetime is revanchism for the lost Cold War. 

The insight administrations will watch the general population of sweatshop laborers and ensure that Russian designers do what their Chinese experts advise them to. 

However, what might be said about pleased Russian individuals? End of conversation. This in the image is a landfill. It is directly in the focal point of Nekrasovka. It is the new town's solitary milestone. Do you think it prevented Russians from paying $150,000 for two-room lofts? The sort of cash that will take them a couple of a long time to acquire. 

Nekrasovka has been worked around a landfill. 

Their grandparents worked in Gulags and public super-anticipates with the expectation of complimentary utilizing simple apparatuses like picks and push carts. Worked to death and covered in like manner graves, they were the same as African slaves. 

Their folks coordinated a gigantic showing just a single time: to safeguard the Soviet Union, a country which they were not permitted to leave, where they had no property of their own, and the public authority chose for them what items to purchase and for which cost, what movies to watch, books to peruse, musings to think. 

Their youngsters and grandkids are right now controlled by perhaps the most bad criminal junta throughout the entire existence of the world and they continue to decide in favor of its chief and consider him the Savior of Russia. 

Do you sincerely accept that these individuals will set up a battle when the Chinese move in?

Interesting theory. It seems that Ukraine is also preparing for Chinese takeover:

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