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About us

                                About Us

The website 'Thinking Boxx gives you everything what you needs, it gives you true information about the world. This website helps entice prospective employees,students,news activist while also putting a face to the company and making it more relatable.  

Visuals are such a big part of an 'Thinking Boxx' website and Active Campaign does a great job showing off their employees and their office environment. They also have a small section describing what a normal day in the office is like. 




The primary objective of every About Us page is to let visitors know about their website just like Thinking Boxx did. Look at the way they explained about itself and how they are different from others. The addition of team pictures also give a boost to the page design. Explanation of culture and certifications also captures the audience attention and inspires them to build a strong connection.  

About us...
Name-- Ravikant Negi
City-- Mumbai                                          

State-- Maharashtra 
Zip-- Code 400605
Email-- info@negiv.com

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