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1. Wake up early in the morning, am not the one who force to wake up at 5am. Day by day you will get better so first take initiative.

2. Start your day with Exercise, if you don't have enough time to go to gym and workout. Order basic Gym equipment at home and start with it. This will save your money as well as time. Always use headphones/earphones while working out with your favorite songs, this will change your mood and also will boost energy for workout.

3. Be Punctual at work, try to start work on time so that you can leave your office or work location on time to utilize remaining time with loved ones.

4. Never sit at same place for more than half an hr, seating at same place for longer time is as harmful as smoking cigarette. So take breaks in between your work and walk few steps here and there.

5. Drink Adequate water, maintain water intake throughout the day. Keep bottle of small size so that you can achieve point 4 as well.

6. Give the highest priority to your parents, in the end there will be no one apart from your parents so spend time with them directly or indirectly (calls).

7. Keep track of your Money, invest your money for the future. Invest in Mutual Funds, ETMoney is a good app for investing in Mutual Funds which will help to keep track of your expenditures as well. Join Whatsapp groups which posts offers and coupon codes, this will save a lot of money.

8. Invest your time at the right places, spend your time on quora rather than scrolling on instagram or any such social media platform.

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