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What is CHHAPRI in India? Speciality about Chhapri Boy's

In India chapri is called to those boys who

1 .Make there hairstyle like this 😂

Found in tiktok, but soon after the government made a ban on tiktok, they became refugees in their own platform but soon managed to escape and come to tiktok and started posting illogical and unwanted posts and made instagram waste

These Chapris are soon planning to come to youtube and spoil the platform, introducing shorts made it more easy for them to make youtube a tiktok

Types of chapris

  1. North India- chapris
  2. South india- pullingos ( Tamil Nadu people can relate)

Basic characteristics

Colour each and every single hair with the possible colour that is there

Speak in some different slang and pollute the language in the name of making a new language

Always use bikes like KTM and scooty like Dio, so that they look very cool and increase the level of attraction

Wear some weird dress and make nuisance in the public so that their crush can laugh and look at them

Keep account in every social media but use only instagram and tiktok

Bash education system for getting less marks

If asked

when topper is able to get marks why you are not able to get good marks with the same education system?

( Gets angry and changes bio to depressed teen )

Talk everything about economics without knowing nothing about what economics is

Long time achievement is to have a youtube channel with a million subscribers

Always attract girls, which is waste of time

Have logicless instagram bio

Always says

Tomorrow is my exam but I won't study because a single sheet of paper doesn't decide my future

They don't know the hardships that was challenged by the man who told this

Trolling modi means happiness because he banned tiktok

Praise Rahul Gandhi, because he is a meme material

2 .Mostly ride this bike(KTM)

3. Wore this types of clothes and accessories

4. Having social media Bio like this😂

Image source: Google

~ In INDIA if you have this types of qualities then don't think that people will call you cool or handsome . All they do will call you ‘CHAPRI’

  1. Edit : My answer got soo many upvotes😭 Thanks to everyone🙏🏻 for upvoting my answer love you all guys💝 

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