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Is it right to say that 'trading is not for everyone'? Why or why not?

Trading teaches you a lot about yourself and not everyone can bear it.

If you are an impatient individual, it will show.

If you lack discipline, it will show.

If you have a big ego, it will show.

You need to listen to the feedback and improve and not everyone can do that.

Think of trading as a mirror. It reflects who we truly are, spotlighting both our strengths and our flaws.

When we stumble upon a loss, it’s more than just a hit to our wallet. It is a valuable lesson cloaked in an experience waiting to be unraveled.

But we need to be alert and humble to understand these lessons.

Our ego has to stay out of this journey.

We exercise patience and with unwavering discipline, we face each new day, each new trade. Bit by bit, we grow - not just richer but wiser and stronger.

Trading is not solely about the pursuit of profit, it is also a journey of personal growth of morphing into better versions of ourselves.

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