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What habit/decision has saved you a large/huge amount of money?

Asking for more.

Focusing on saving money is a broke mindset.

If you focus on making more money, you’ll have more saved than the guy skipping out on Starbucks lattes.

When I graduated college, I became frugal. I never went out to eat, rarely bought new clothes, and didn’t go on any vacations. Heck, I even lived with my parents for a short period.

I found ways to enjoy myself.

If I was happy, then why should I care about making more?

Therein lies the problem. I always thought about myself.

I can read, write, and meet people for free. That’s enough to make me happy.

Sure, but what about your family and friends? Don’t you want to help them?

What about the homeless children in your city?

As soon as you stop thinking of yourself, you realize the importance of money. If you want to help many more people than yourself, you’ll need it.

Once I realized this, I began asking for more.

In ten months, I tripled the amount of money I made per a year. Again, all I did was ask for more. If my boss refused to give me a raise, I’d ask elsewhere. This persistence led to better jobs and side-income opportunities.

Here’s the magic:

When you want to make more money, you begin thinking of ways you can make more. Once you figured out a couple of ways, it makes it far easier to ask for more.

In turn, I increased my savings sixfold and began to see once-hidden opportunities. For example, I felt the courage to pursue my dream of holding one of the biggest marketing conferences in the world.

I went from a small office room of people to a 400-person conference in five months.

The next time you’re thinking of saving more money, ask yourself:

“How do I make more?”

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