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What are the 12 habits that destroy your focus and productivity?

  1. Having several casual relationships, they are just distractions, energy consuming and time draining.
  2. Not practising the ‘’Kaizen way’’ which says smaller steps leads to bigger one. Start anything you want to do with at least a 1% move.
  3. Not trying to finish what you have started, starting too many goals or tasks at once.
  4. Not following the ‘’first thing first’’ rules, Replace urgent or important tasks with the first thing first!
  5. Starting your days scrolling on Instagram and ending the day on Tiktok or snapchat.
  6. Not having control over your thoughts, your mind wander away a lot from important things. Mind-wandering keeps you away from attention demanding tasks.
  7. Disobeying the Pareto principle that says 20% of your activity should generate 80% result.
  8. Lack of the ability to do the right thing at the right time which is the real definition of efficiency.
  9. Setting goals or tasks that lack objectives. Mr Peter Drucker is very popular with a theory that he coined as ‘’Managing by objectives’’ (MBO).
  10. Not involving a ‘’Deadline’’ with whatever you are doing in life.
  11. Lack of patience.
  12. Not having enough sleep, playing some video games or watching series when you suppose to be refreshing your brain by sleeping.

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