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Nobody got rich with a salary. If you want to be financially free in the next 5 years, do this:

  1. Learn a high income skill.

Set 2 hours a day, no distractions.

Build a skill out that you can truly leverage.

Make sure it:

  • Doesn't take too much time
  • Has no income limit
  • Can easily be learned

Hire someone who's already successful with that skill to teach you.

2. Create your network.

A wise man once said: “show me your friends and I'll show you your future”.

Make sure the people you are around will help you build your money, success, and business.

No room to talk to people who only care about partying and getting high.

3. Build multiple streams of income.

You need money to work for you even when you aren't around to work for it.

A 9–5 job isn't going to be enough to live comfortably, so until you have money working FOR you…

Foot on the gas.

4. Spend at least 100 minutes a day reading.

88% of the people who are financially free are obsessed with the learning.

Financial education is self-taught - no one is willing to teach that today.

Reading a book is literally like getting 20+ years of someone's experience condensed in 200 pages. Total HACK!

5. Use the knowledge.

Use the knowledge you obtain and earn with it.

The ultimate modern flex:

  • Have a great physique
  • Anonymous rich
  • Own nothing
  • Freedom

Simplicity is the new rich.

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This shows you are a part of 1% who actually finish what they start.


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