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10 bad habits you should STOP immediately:

  1. Stop pleasing everyone. Follow your own convictions, NOT what others expect from you.
  2. Stop pampering yourself. Growth is found OUTSIDE your comfort zone.
  3. Stop being distracted. We are the most distracted generation in history. No FOCUS, no results.
  4. Stop relying on others. Your mama won’t save you anymore. NOTHING is free in life. Take accountability for your future.
  5. Stop expecting instant satisfaction. Patience, PERSISTENCE and perspiration are your best friends.
  6. Stop relying on motivation to act. Create the daily HABITS that will lead to achieving your goals.
  7. Stop abusing your body. Eat HEALTHY, and you will look healthy, feel healthy and think healthily. Eat junk and you will feel like junk.
  8. Stop surrounding yourself with negative people. We can’t change people, but we CAN change the people that we surround ourselves with.
  9. Stop resisting change. Staying stuck in the past has PAINFUL consequences.
  10. Stop fearing failure. If you are not failing, you are not trying HARD enough.

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