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What are your 10 laws of manhood?

  1. Never forget which way a door will open while pushing or pulling it.
  2. Always leave a Tip
  3. Men do not have a pot belly, at least until his 60s
  4. For Indian men: Never honk unnecessarily, never turn your car without indicating and follow Rules of Road.
  5. Never Hit a Child / Spouse
  6. Attain Knowledge and Gain Wisdom, Earn Money and Social Skills. Pass on these to your kids.
  7. Never let anyone drive your Car
  8. Never Drink and Dine for free , even in a Party. Leave a Gift or Pay the bill.
  9. Never Scroll through your phone in public.
  10. Help the needy, love animals .

I added 1 more: Never keep a Solo pic of a women in your phone unless she’s your Mother, Wife, Daughter or Sister.

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