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Accept these 4 Agreements for a Fulfilled Life

1 Be Impeccable with Your Word

This agreement emphasizes the power of language and encourages you to speak with integrity.

Say only what you truly mean, avoid gossip, use your words to uplift others, and refrain from using words to harm yourself or others.

2} Don't take Anything Personally

This agreement highlights the importance of not allowing the opinions and actions of others affect you.

Recognize that people's behavior is a reflection of:

• Their own beliefs

• Experiences

• Perceptions

Avoid needles suffering.

3} Don't make assumptions

This agreement reminds us to avoid making assumptions about others:

• Intentions

• Thoughts

• Feelings

It encourages seeking clarity and communicating openly.

Making assumptions often leads to misunderstandings and conflicts.

4} Always do your best

It encourages you to do your best under any circumstances, without self-judgment or comparison to others.

Doing your best means:

• Focusing on the present moment

• Using your skills and knowledge

and accepting that your best may vary sometimes.

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