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True story of time management

True story of Nitin Kumar 


I am a 47 year old working as Dy. Commissioner of GST in Mumbai. Reading all the answers, got motivated to share my routine too …to check if if anything can be improved here ..!

So…my routine is ..

Wake up at 6 to 6.15 am….

drink two glasses of warm water first thing …

Freshen up and hit the road for running or gym..

Run or work out for one hour sharp …

Pranayama for 15 to 20 Minutes ….

Come back home at around 8 Am…

Have Bath and breakfast …

Leave for office…a one and half hour drive …

Reach office 10.30 Am….

Office work ….till lunch time …

Lunch 1.45 PM…

Again office work till 6 PM…

Drive back home ….

Reach home 7.30….!

Freshen up …watch TV…..for an hour !

Dinner at 8.30 PM….

Go for walk after dinner ….an hour of walk !

Return home 10.30 PM…

Free Time of half an hour on mobile ….

Sleep Time …11 to 11.15 PM..

Here I am…..not in bad shape for a 47 year old !

I am doing this routine for last seven years at least ! Only one break in running or work out in a week …Monday ! Due to office work or any other emergencies may miss work out …but never due to laziness !

But it took me to be diagnosed with Diabetes to start this routine …or I was the most indisciplined fellow in this planet !

But now…no more of indiscipline …except when it comes to eating ! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Eat everything …. Including sweets ! No restrictions except on quantity I eat ! No medicines ! Just work out or running …and I am managing the sugars for last seven years !

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