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Now I can show you how to be confident in 2 minutes:

Now I can show you how to be confident in 2 minutes:

  1. Everyone is human:

Remember that the people you think are cool are actually no different to you.

2. Give yourself credit:

Stop being so hard on yourself. Remember all the good things you have done, how far you have come.

3. Put yourself in uncomfy situations:

This is the best way to overcome shyness. Join a club, go to events and put yourself out there.

These uncomfy situation swill soon become comfy and then you will become confident.

4. Get in shape and dress well:

The easiest way to become confident is to look good. If you don't like your appearance you will shy away from social settings.

5. Allow yourself to make mistakes:

As chessy as it sounds, “Rome wasn't built in a day.”

You're allowed to make mistakes. This is how we learn and grow as humans.

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This shows you are a part of 1% who actually finish what they start.


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