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How to completely change your life in the next 6 months

#01— Be Honest :

first and foremost, Be Committed to yourself. No excuses.

As Paulo Coelho stated :

If you want to be succeed in life, you must respect one rule — Never lie to yourself.

#02— Search Meaning :

Find a project that is meaningful to you and you are really passionate about, practice it every single day, No cheating. You can't expect something meaningful overnight.

#03— Health :

Don't take your health as granted, Fix your waking—up time , Exercise everyday even if It's just a brisk walk.

04— Plan :

Have a plan, Break it into monthly,weekly and daily goal, write the agenda one night before and Stick to it.

#05— Read :

Read 30+ page every single-day, great minds of the centuries talk through pages, It will give you hope and sharpen your thought.

#06 — Avoid Toxic People :

Keep yourselfe 101 mile away—from miserable and toxic people, “the living poison for your life”. Mind it,my friend.

As Great Jim Rohn Beautifully once quoted :

You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

Amazing ‘Naval Ravikant’—pinned on his Twitter Bio :

I Block Measurable People.

#07— Celebrate your success :

one week regular work on a dream project? An event worth celebrating, right? Often, Give yourself a treat.

#08— Be Patient :

About patience, a line from Gary Vee pops up in my head right now, and that is —

Be impatient with task, Supremely patient with the result.

That's from me. Best of luck, my friend.

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