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Why do so many people dislike Kamala Harris? I’m looking for sensible reaction, not emotional ones with no logical explanations or some facts on her.

Why do so many people dislike Kamala Harris? I’m looking for sensible reaction, not emotional ones with no logical explanations or some facts on her.

 That's quite an overview. Disgusted by these spineless and selfish individuals.

I despise Indians who would speak in a fake American accent instead of neutral accent with proper pronunciation and all these buggers are going to become like this as they go up. Have seen this in IT too where an Indian manager who is trying to be whiter than white is going to hire a white person even though there is a desi candidate who worked his ass off and done spectacularly in the interview. I think these people would be angry that their kids are born brown. That’s right, “There is no guarantee that he will succeed in his challenge to unite and heal America”, but trump will for sure fail to unite and heal America. In fact, he has done so much irreparable damage that I am not even sure that healing is possible. Nobody is perfect and a politician is among the less perfect of them all.But Joe Biden must have seen some virtues and goodness in her as to have chosen her —and in terms of elections results successfully too—as his VP. Actually, in terms of expected accomplishments compared to his soaring rhetoric delivered in a voice at once mellifluous too Obama to many people was somewhat of a disappointment.But in retrospect how much better he was than that fellow called Trump as President. If you look at her path to become a VP, the only thing she knows to do well is politicking. She has never held down a honest job. She comes from a well to do family & has managed to get the privileges of a ‘black American’. She identifies herself as a Christian, a religious one. She feels like a phony. People of US saw through her and that’s why she was miserable in Primaries and had to drop off,Tulsi-Gabbard destroyed her easily. But Biden selected her only because of her Multi racial heritage and she ticked many boxes like woman,Indian origin and father was African American.I am very sorry to use these terms but even CNN likes used these terms for her adjectives instead of her professional record?Is not that a form of discrimination? With her sights on future presidency she’s set to follow the same course that got her this high. That’s a frightening prospects for the Blacks and Hispanics, the very people who must have voted her to power assuming she’s one among them. 

There is a Problem with Many Americans of Indian Origin

They tend to have a chip on their shoulders. They tend to act more white than the white people just to show that they are part of the crowd. Many others like Bobby Jindal or Preet Bharara or Pramila Jayapal studiously avoid Indian Restaurants, Indian Religious Places even Indian movies just to prevent a stereotype or to prevent anyone from questioning their loyalty.

Mdm Jayapal furiously refused to confirm her religion to a reporter who asked her if she would do Pooja during Diwali in 2019 November. Her Reply this is the United States, we are all American here. Good Reply! Except that Americans who are Jews still celebrate Rosh Hashanah and Americans of Irish Origin still wish people “Happy St Patricks Day”.

Kamala Harris is absolutely the same. She acts more white than white people especially when she was the District Attorney of San Francisco and Attorney General of California.

She was very harsh on defendants of color because she was terrified she could be accused of favoring the colored races. The best example is a 13-year-old black kid who was recommended to be sent to the Juvie home for 12 months for a simple case of being involved in a fight and standing up to a bully. Harris refused to consider a warning which was the standard that stumped even the Juvenile Judge. Just a few months ago, Harris had agreed to warn + probation for a white kid for a very similar offense. The Judge blatantly refused and ticked Harris off. And he was a very White Judge.

Some of her other “Achievements” compared to her predecessor Hallinan as DA of San Francisco included:-

  • Highest Average Sentence for Plea Bargain for People of Color and Latin Americans.
  • Maximum Prosecutions for Petty Offenses (241 a year compared to 95 a year before 2011 and 58 a year by George Gascon since)
  • Defending the Death Penalty in 2014 as Attorney General of California
  • Not Prosecuting 71% of the Racism related crimes committed by Cops compared to only 47% that has been done by her much whiter successor Gascon.

Kamala Harris is the Browner Version of Hilary Clinton.

A Chameleon who switches beliefs in a matter of seconds. Suddenly she talks of Racism and Equality but when she was DA of San Francisco - she brutally advocated that there was no racism and even made a statement that Black people committed more crimes which may have been true but if so why not keep the same beliefs in 2020???

Unlike Joe Biden who also supported Busing and Segregation Leaders - who since apologized for his actions (WHICH MEANT ADMITTING THAT HE WAS WRONG), Harris has dodged all these questions expertly.

Some women like Elizabeth Warren or even the Young AOC are firm in their opinions even after getting blasted by Trolls but Kamala Harris seems to have only one ma

    No furious tweeting reinforcing divisions in the United States. No fake news.

I believe President Biden will bring stability and calming waters to a tempestuous raging ocean of current economic and social calamities. All he has to do is guide us to more stable waters. Will there be some freak waves that threaten to topple us? Yes, everyone makes mistakes. However we know President Biden will try with all his heart and soul. That’s what Senator McCain would have thought as well. Joe Biden shows us that his presidency will be totally different from Donald Trump's. The return of a real president at the head of the United States will do good. The United States will again have a constant voice. Canada is pissed at Joe Biden’s pipeline decision . How can you sleep at night knowing 50k high paying jobs are lost. The pipelines are safer and were constructed on private lands. Get it together. Your letting Russia and China win. It’s unacceptable. Oil is still going to be transported by train which is more dangerous. I think people fail to realize the pipeline reduces carbon and pollution to the environment. Canada is your biggest ally and you go and turn your back around. When I say 50k jobs lost I mean on both sides and future jobs such as maintenance and other particular jobs in the oil industry. Canada needs to act tough on this. And I hope the Pipeline is continued and get these men and women back to work.

What should Joe Biden avoid?

He must avoid being Donald Trump. But you can be reassured, this is not Joe Biden's style. Joe Biden is an experienced politician who has built a strong team around him to face the incredible challenges that await the United States in the months and years to come.

Joe Biden is the right president after four years of Donald Trump's disastrous presidency.

There is no guarantee that he will succeed in his challenge to unite and heal America, but at least he will actually work for it, unlike Donald Trump who refused to take his role as president seriously.

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