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The best way to travel in himachal pradesh

The best way to travel in himachal pradesh

Undoubtedly, its Himachal Roadways.

I was very recently travelling to my village, I took a Himachal Roadways bus from New Delhi, it was almost full, no vacant seats. An old man, probably rushing to reach his house for some function boarded the bus, there was no seat left so, I shared my seat with him. He was travelling to Chandigarh.

We were talking about popular political beliefs in Northern India, he was a retired officer from Education department and was going for a wedding in Chandigarh. The bus stopped at a red light somewhere very close to the Delhi border, it was probably the last red light of the city and suddenly a Haryana Roadways bus passed by crossing the signal (When it was red signal). Another one, two buses of two different roadways passed by within few minutes. All of them heading towards Chandigarh.

The old man got furious and started shouting, why are you so slow, you haven't gone above 60 km/h, we are on National Highway -1, so push your speed and don't waste time. Everyone started to look at him, the driver ignored him and kept on driving on the constant 60-70 km/h.
After one hour, the bus stopped at Kurukshetra and the old man started to argue with the driver that why HRTC is slow, and was giving absurd reasons. The driver very calmly said " I am not supposed to travel just 300 km like other roadways, its 600 km in total, with 200 on the mountains, if I reach before my time, it would be difficult to drive in the dark, roadways have planned journey in such a way that we drive in mountains with proper light while coming from Delhi, I will drive at 60km, safety is my primary concern".

I later thanked the driver and shared my dinner with him.

Let me share another post that I recently read on a website and it was very true.

Treacherous terrain to be out in a heavy duty vehicle, the state has only roads to connect up many scenic valleys that lie sheltered in the Himalayas.

These dare devil drivers keep the life blood flowing.

1. A road barely enough to accommodate a bus.


2. Getting past hairpin bends? No problem.


3. Do you see the road?

4. Jostling for space.

Time to light up a bidi.


5. Sometimes the carrier has to accommodate the extra passengers.


6. Looks pretty but someone has to shovel that snow off.

Himachal Tourism

7. Slippery road? Just a little.


8. We told you.

9. HRTC bus drivers have seen the best, and the worst.

10. They know that a friend in need is a friend indeed.

11. Luxury vehicles crawl on these roads. HRTC goes like zoooommm.

12. Fog, bad weather or cloud bursts, nothing stops HRTC.

13. Some journeys like these in HRTC buses will remain alive for a lifetime.

14. You won’t dare look down the cliff.

15. Ah, a smooth run.

Nitin Rana

16. Views are awesome all year round.

17. But, a lifeline to Himachal, the service cannot wait.

18. No matter how difficult it gets.

19. Yes, really!

20. Now, let’s introduce you to the Minister of Transport, Government of Himachal Pradesh.

No kidding.


21. And finally, some of the men with their machines.

Source - 21 Pictures That Prove Bus Drivers Of Himachal Pradesh Are The Best In India

The connectivity throughout the state even to the rural end is really amazing, you will either find state transport buses or private buses operating even to the far ends.
New buses have also been introduced with less seats to ensure more safety and control with the driver, Volvo buses to popular destinations is also a new feature that has been liked even by the foreign visitors.

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