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It is organised crime supported by the government. Environment protects everybody not only tribals. Destroying forest in the name of development is unpardonable. #Save_Forest_Save_Tribal 

Odisha diverted a whopping 4,514 hectare forest land – highest in the country - for non-forestry use last year. @NewIndianXpress #Save_Forest_Save_Tribal

Human or Animals life is impossible without trees or forest so we should try to save them instead of harming them.

If the forests are harmed,the tribals who consider the forests as their everything will also suffer a lot.
Loss of forests will harm everyone.

Abt 9lac tree to be cut down!

Development is essential so as the Nature. People's can live without highway but not without oxygen. 

Why not authority be little more sensible fr the nature world ?

climatechange is real. Time to take action @CMO_Odisha


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